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Ashland Barns - 100+ BARN PLANS Designed for Beauty, Efficiency and Low Cost Construction.


  1. Could you send us a catalog or additional printed material?

Answer: At one time we had a traditional catalog. It actually didnít have any additional information than our website. We do not have any printed flyers, etc. to mail out.

  1. How much does it cost to build your barns?

Answer: Due to many variables, like local building materials cost and labor, it is extremely difficult for us to give you a meaningful cost to build one of our barns. We suggest that you contact some local contractors that specialize in barn-type construction. Try to determine what a local contractor expects to charge per square foot, and then you can multiply the square footage of the barn youíre interested in and come up with a ballpark figure for cost.

  1. What exactly do I get when I order a set of plans?

Answer: From two to six 18Ēx24Ē pages of highly detailed drawings showing a floor plan, cross sections, and roof details. Four elevations and door details. Having professionally produced plans not only shows you how to construct your building, but also makes life much easier dealing with your local building department.

  1. Do your plans include a materials list?

Answer: Our detailed plans do not include a materials list. It really isnít difficult to figure a materials list, and helps the builder familiarize themselves with the plans. Most lumberyards will gladly figure your materials list for you.

  1. I want to build a pole barn. Can I use your plans to build a pole barn?

Answer: Our plans are designed to use standard stick framing. You still may find these plans useful.

  1. Was an engineer or architect involved in the design process? Are your plans engineered for specific snow loads in my local area? Will my local building department approve of our plans?

Answer: My father J. Wallace designed our plans. He spent most of his life designing custom homes for contractors, later in life he developed the plans you see on our website. He was never a licensed architect, but was very knowledgeable at designing attractive, practical buildings. No engineer was consulted on any of our plans. Generally accepted practice was how our plans are designed. Different snow loads for different parts of the country are not calculated. With our experience most local building departments can help you in making minor changes such as your truss spacing or requiring a heavier foundation for local building conditions etc. We have sold thousands of plans and never received any feedback from anyone having problems with our designs being approved by their local building departments.

  1. I am a Canadian Citizen interested in purchasing a set of your plans. How long will it take to receive them?

Answer: All orders are normally shipped same day. We ship either U.S.P.S or U.P.S., our discretion. Our experience has shown that for Canadian orders, it usually takes at least two weeks from the time we receive your order until they are delivered to you. Domestic orders usually are received in less than 1 week.

  1. I want to build a structure with a wood floor; do your plans include details for wood floors?

Answer: All our plans call for concrete. Barns with lofts call for plywood floors.

  1. Do your plans include heating and cooling details? How about plumbing and electrical?

Answer: Our plans do not include details on heating and cooling, since every situation is different and you will probably need to hire a contractor who will design your system. As far as plumbing and electrical go, some details are called out, but you probably will have your own specific needs that you will want to customize.

  1. Can you modify or combine elements of more than one plan?

Answer: Our plans are sold as they are designed, we do not customize plans for individuals.

  1. Can I return my plans for a refund?

Answer: We sell a high quality product that has been purchased by thousands of satisfied customers for nearly 30 years. Because of the type of product we sell, ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

  1. Must I order online and use Paypal?

Answer: If you wish to order by mail, go to Order By Mail on the menu bar. We do not take credit cards at this time or extend credit.

  1. I do not live in the United States or Canada. Can I still purchase your plans?

Answer: We do not normally ship to other parts of the world. If you are interested and live outside of the U.S. and Canada, contact us to discuss additional shipping fees and problems shipping to your location.